Our Background

Newly founded local enterprise is focusing on cold chain logistic & refrigeration services and developing with over twenty five years of established network and experiences in trading services. NATURE CLR provides one stop service solution for importers, exporters, manufacturers and other businesses.

The engineering team, established since 2005, reorganized as NATURE CLR, is now extending reliable services to residential and commercial properties and also included logistics services and land transportation of operating refrigerated containers.

Company is providing full range of services from cold cargo stuffing to the shipping destination as well as operating refrigerated container trucking including refrigeration engineering services for reefers, cold storage factories and related services.

During the past years of operation, NATURE CLR has rendered numerous engineering services, majoring in refer container (PTI, Repairing, Precool and Monitoring) Dry-van, Flat-rack, Open-top container and Tank (Repairing, washing and maintenance) in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our engineering team is also having more than 10 years of commercial engineering experiences in air-conditioning engineering services especially in air-conditioning maintenance, repairs and overhauling of reciprocating and centrifugal chiller and other related equipment providing reliable services.

How We Do?

Dry container and refrigerated container (Reefer) operating transportation with own fleet of generator mounted semi-trailered trucks.

Cargo handling including transportation and cold cargo container stuffing.

Refrigeration and reefer services such as monitoring, maintenance and repair of central air conditioning, cold storage facilities, refrigerated containers etc.